Apr. 8th, 2016

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There's an interesting article in the Hollywood Reporter about who's getting what money from the show.  Lin-Manuel is doing very well! I hope this means he is freed from money worries to write something else in another 7 years :-)

Hamilton grosses about $1.5 million weekly in ticket sales while it costs about 40 percent of that to rent the Richard Rodgers Theatre, pay salaries and cover other expenses ... After royalties are paid, the remainder — around $600,000 a week — returns to the investors until their $12.5 million capitalization is fully recouped.


And as Hamilton expands beyond Broadway, more revenue streams will open.
which brings me neatly to:

The Hamilton Songbook is out - piano/vocal score for 17 of the songs.  Physically out in the US and Lin-Manuel is encouraging people to buy from The Drama Bookshop; here in the UK I could only find it on Kindle.  I have had a plan to get a piano for over a decade, stalled on the need to clear out a room currently used for storage. Will this be what finally gets me to get the job done?

Hamilton: The Revolution is released in 4 days time in the UK (woohoo).  I have it preordered from Amazon.


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